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Professionally Made Child Passport Photos Online

Professionally Made Child Passport Photos Online

Your child’s first passport photo should be a special occasion. Take the stress out of applying for their first passport and save the meltdowns, by choosing Passport Booth. Our AI technology guarantees correctly formatted photos, eliminating rejection risks. All it takes is a camera phone, from the comfort of your home.

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Professionally Made Child Passport Photos Online

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Getting your UK Child Passport Photo online couldn't be easier

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1. Take Your Picture At Home

Take a sharp image of yourself using your camera or smartphone.

Passport Booth creates a compliant Child Passport photo online

2. We Edit Your Image

With our cutting-edge AI technology, we ensure your photo meets to Child Passport guidelines.

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3. Download your photos, or have prints delivered to your door.

Download your image(s) with the option of getting printouts by post.

Why Passport Booth? 

Photographing kids can be tricky, especially if they’re at an age where they can’t keep still. Choose Passport Booth and spare yourself the stress. You take a shot on your camera phone, following our three simple steps, and let us to the rest. Our intelligent AI software digitally perfects images to precise UK passport specifications, automatically checking the critical details are correct. 

We make child passport photos effortless, convenient and stress-free for everyone.  

Save time: Our three-step system is all you need, to save yourself the time of taking your child to the photo studio. 

Skip the stress: Avoid the stress and anxiety of travelling and experiencing an unfamiliar studio environment or a cramped photo booth.  

No more meltdowns: Prevent any tantrums trying to force poses with our AI-adjusting software to correct their facial expressions.

One snap is all it takes: Passport Booth’s smart AI ensures optimal face framing and dimensions, brightness and background.  

A calm environment: Keep your child happy and relaxed at home for natural and relaxed images, without any distractions. 

Professional quality: Conforms to UK Passport Agency size, print, and pixel requirements for your child’s passport photos.

Bid farewell to the days of searching for a traditional passport booth or finding an amenable photographer who doesn’t mind kids. No more waiting around as the photos develop, or dealing with fidgety children during the process.

For parents-turned-photographers at home, there's no need to stress about perfecting a child's selfie, grappling with complex editing software, or navigating the challenges of a photo printer (we've all been there).

Passport Booth ensures flawlessly calibrated UK child passport photos in minutes.  

Ready to Get Your Child's Passport Photos Online?

Getting child passport photos has never been easier than with Passport Booth. Save time by skipping photo studios trips, get fast digital downloads and prints, avoid tears and stress with our guided system and feel confident using our precision image enhancement for application approval.

We handle the intricacies and regulations, so you can relax. Just follow our three simple steps, and let us take care of the rest.

Photo Uploading Instructions

At Passport Booth, we provide guidelines to create professional photos for you to send to Her Majesty's Passport Office. Our focus is on helping you get a great-looking photo.

Distance from Camera
Distance from the Camera

Ensure you're positioned approximately 20 inches away from the camera. It's best if someone else can take the photo for you for accuracy.

Face Orientation
Face Orientation

Position your face squarely in front of the lens. Ensure both eyes are open and maintain a neutral expression. Hold the camera at your face height.


Stand facing a source of natural light, such as a window. Avoid strong shadows on your face or background for a clear shot.