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Take Your Driving Licence Photos Online

Take Your Driving Licence Photos Online

Whether you’re a new driver who is applying for your provisional or first driving licence, or a seasoned driver who needs to update their photo, we can help you get the perfect shot, without leaving home. Our intelligent photo technology takes the guesswork out of DVLA specifications.

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Take Your Driving Licence Photos Online

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Getting your UK Driving Licence Photo online couldn't be easier

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1. Take Your Picture At Home

Take a sharp image of yourself using your camera or smartphone.

Passport Booth creates a compliant Driving Licence photo online

2. We Edit Your Image

With our cutting-edge AI technology, we ensure your photo meets to Driving Licence guidelines.

Download your Driving Licence photos online

3. Download your photos, or have prints delivered to your door.

Download your image(s) with the option of getting printouts by post.

Why Passport Booth? 

Our smart AI technology can quickly analyse, optimise and improve your driving licence photos to ensure they meet professional standards. Let Passport Booth fine-tune your driving licence photos to avoid any common mistakes:

Meet DVLA guidelines: Passport Booth automatically crops and resizes your photos to mandatory DVLA requirements and dimensions 

Automated image correction: We’ll adjust and enhance your lighting, removing any shadows or camera glare

Get it right first time: We’ll fine tune your pose, position and background and sharpen the image colour and clarity to ensure your photo is DVLA approved

Avoid application delays: Our AI checks against current DVLA specifications for fast processing 

Skip the photo booth: Save time. All you need is a smartphone!

Print at home: Or have prints delivered. It’s up to you!

Using Passport Booth is Quick, Convenient and Affordable 

The days of hunting down a traditional passport booth or specialist photographer are over (thank goodness). No loitering while waiting for photos to develop, and fretting that they are still damp and may smudge or smear, or getting flustered between shots. 

For home photographers, there’s no more fussing with perfecting your selfie, or fiddling around with complex editing software and doing battle with your photo printer. (We’ve all been there.) Passport Booth gives you perfectly tuned driving licence photos in minutes. We’ll do the hard work, so you don’t have to. Just follow our three simple steps, and let us take care of the rest. 

Ready To Get Your Driving Licence Photos online?

Passport Booth makes getting your UK driving licence photos simple. We know the rules, so you don’t have to. If your driving licence application gets rejected because of our photos, we’ll refund your money, with no questions asked.

Photo Uploading Instructions

With Passport Booth's guidelines, you can produce a professional photo for your UK driving licence. These tips are designed to help you capture a photo suitable to send to the DVLA.

Distance from Camera
Distance from the Camera

Ensure you're positioned approximately 20 inches away from the camera. It's best if someone else can take the photo for you for accuracy.

Face Orientation
Face Orientation

Position your face squarely in front of the lens. Ensure both eyes are open and maintain a neutral expression. Hold the camera at your face height.


Stand facing a source of natural light, such as a window. Avoid strong shadows on your face or background for a clear shot.